Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Gartner Names Guidance Software the Market Leader in Endpoint Detection and Response: The EnCase Partner Update - Q1 2015

Gartner has named Guidance Software #1 in endpoint detection and response (EDR) in its first competitive landscape study on this market.

Learn more about the value of EDR and why Gartner named Guidance the leader by downloading the report. EnCase® EDR tools detect known and unknown threats, prioritize and automate your response, assess a threat’s scope and root cause, and return systems to a healthy, trusted state.

Report highlights:
- Many organizations have conceded that their traditional anti-malware defenses have failed and that a new strategy must be created to identify these breaches at the endpoint. A significant number of recent data breaches from advanced forms of malware has increased interest in EDR tools.

- EDR tools provide insights into malware infection and subsequent internal lateral movement of threat actors while they perform discovery scans or as they use stolen credentials across the internal network against systems and applications

- EDR tools are most often used to help with the rapid investigation into the scope of malware infection indicated by adjacent technologies such as network forensics tools, virtual sandboxes and event monitoring tools.

Click here to download the full report.

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