Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Breach of Sony Entertainment: What Would EnCase Do? The EnCase Partner Update - Q1 2015

We’re still learning details about the breach of Sony Entertainment, including how the hackers compromised an administrator account, giving them access to almost everything within Sony Entertainment’s network. Guidance Software has prepared several assets for our partners that describe how the hack was conducted, and how EnCase software could assist in discovering and stopping this type of attack.

Data Breach in Review: Sony Pictures – this document provides some details on how the hackers compromised an administrator’s account to gain access to all of Sony Entertainment’s confidential information. It also provides multiple examples of how EnCase Analytics and Cybersecurity could be used to investigate, uncover and remediate the breach, limiting the damage done. View this document in our Partner Portal.

How to Detect Compromised Administrator Accounts with EnCase Analytics – this short video demos how EnCase Analytics can assist IT security teams establish baseline for normal usage and detect deviations from that baseline. View the video here.

If you do not have a log-in to the Guidance Software Partner Portal, you can request access by clicking here.

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