Tuesday, June 9, 2015

New Product: EnCase® Endpoint Security Now Available: The EnCase Partner Update - Q2 2015

Guidance Software has combined our industry-leading products EnCase® Analytics and EnCase® Cybersecurity and created EnCase® Endpoint Security. Our new product offering provides a complete solution to help security teams proactively address the gaps in their security framework, detect unknown risks or threats, respond to any events for validation, and recover endpoints to a trusted state through remediation – all within a single solution addressing the needs of our customers.

With EnCase Endpoint Security, you can:
·         Collect, aggregate and baseline all endpoint activity
·         Proactively address the gaps in your security framework
·         Detect unknown risks or threats even before data exfiltration has begun
·         Respond to any events for validation
·         Automate the recovery of endpoints to a trusted state through remediation

EnCase EndPoint Security can be integrated with any security technology for automated incident response. Out-of-the-box integrations are available for market-leading security solutions, including:
·         Blue Coat Security Analytics
·         Cisco ThreatGRID
·         Cisco Sourcefire
·         FireEye MPS
·         HP Arcsight
·         IBM QRadar
·         Palo Alto Wildfire

Click here to download the EnCase Endpoint Security product brochure.

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